Bright International

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Global Citizenship

  • Safeguarding the Environment – Playing our part in addressing the global challenges of climate change and water scarcity while minimizing the environmental impacts of our products.
  • To achieve significant savings and efficiency gains, focus on asset optimization across the value chain and every aspect of the business.
  • Safety is a priority. To reduce injuries and embed best in the culture of the company, it has collaborated with those with a stake in the issue, including employees and outside resources to improve our outstanding safety record.
  • Innovating for the Future – Using our core strengths as an innovator to make a difference to the health and well-being of people everywhere.
    • Understand where our growth drivers are and we support them with investment. Restructure, shut down or dispose of assets that are non-performing, inefficient or disadvantageous.
    • Strive for a much more performance-oriented culture by streamlining operations and adopting best practices.
  • Inspire the management team by allowing it to be entrepreneurial.